DNS Report

After having some DNS problems of his own, Casey over at MaisonBisson.com points out a great DNS examination tool.

DNSReport.com is nice tool for verifying your sites DNS records. It’s nothing fancy, but similar to Internet Traffic Report could be indispensable for troubleshooting website problems.

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Internet Traffic Report

Internet Traffic ReportImagine having a quick-and-dirty overview of network health on a worldwide basis. That’s exactly what the Internet Traffic Report offers.

When working at WebCT I frequently used this site to help diagnose why University A in City B could not reach our servers while other people could. Now as Plymouth State University starts reaching a wider audience, both nationally and globally, I can see this becoming a useful tool here as well.

Like any other tool, Internet Traffic Report is not going to solve your network problems. It should be considered just another tool in the toolbox. From their FAQ:

Q: How does this relate to me?
A: Your Internet surfing safari may be smooth today, but perhaps you can’t reach Yahoo or a few web sites in Europe. This web site will tell you if those regions of the Internet are currently slowed down. By checking the Internet Traffic Report, you can determine if your problems are global or local.

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