Make Your Own…

Foreplay For DummiesTwo great new “Make Your Own” pages from Burleson Consulting’s Daily Oracle News Page:

Make Your Own “For Dummies” Book Cover

Make Your Own South Park Character

So here are your challenges for the day:

First, make a “For Dummies” book that isn’t safe to hang in your cube.

Second, render your boss as a South Park character.

If that’s not enough “Make Your Own” for you, check out the Make Your Own Warning Label site.

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Which Came First? Now We Know!

Carla points out that we now have an answer to the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Carla points to this article on as a possible definitive answer to this age old question.

Now a team made up of a geneticist, philosopher and chicken farmer claim to have found an answer. It was the egg.

Put simply, the reason is down to the fact that genetic material does not change during an animal’s life.

Therefore the first bird that evolved into what we would call a chicken, probably in prehistoric times, must have first existed as an embryo inside an egg.

I’d never thought about it too hard, but it all makes sense. Now we’ll need to come up with a term to replace chegg!

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Thank You Oracle

Yesterday Scott Maziarz got this error in the log of an Oracle Application Server instance:

[Tue May 16 13:27:52 2006] [warn] long lost child came home! (pid 8134)

I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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Got Milk?

Cat MilkI’ll bet you don’t have this milk in the frige! Donald Burleson, who routinely posts funny articles on his consulting companies Oracle news page has posted two hilarious articles on alternatives to the traditional cow’s milk.

With the growing popularity of bison as an alternative to beef I’m sure it won’t be long until we see these healthy, gourmet products in the dairy case!

Horse milk

Horse milk has long been a popular gourmet food with a uniquely delicious flavor and subtle nuances found in no ordinary dairy product. Horse milk has fruity undertones, a smooth finish and is now joining truffles and Beluga caviar as one of the most coveted treats on the world. Let’s take a closer look and see why horse milk is taking the gourmet scene by storm.

Full article

Cat Milk

With cat’s milks robust undertones, cat milk is now joining the gourmet scene as one of the most coveted treats on the world. Let’s take a closer look at cat milk and see why cat milk is taking the world by storm.

Full Article

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