Dress Code, Etiquette And Cultural Guidelines

Professional Dress CodeDonald Burleson over at Burleson Consulting has some very explicit guidelines for his consultants.

Donald’s descriptions of professional dress code, etiquette and cultural guidelines are as hilarious as they are precise.

Check out the guidelines at Burleson Consulting:

Very few professionals put as much of their personality and humor into their site as Donald, so if you’re trying to figure out what to wear to that consulting gig at that Fortune 500 company, you’re not sure what to wear for that interview, or you just want to see how different corporate culture really can be, check it out.

Before you beat up on Donald, or leave your angry comments here, note that Donald is quite clear that this dress code is set by his clients. He is quite clear that if you follow these guidelines you will appear professional in any environment. If not, you might not even get through the door at some clients.

As I sit here at my desk with my shoulder length hair, wearing a t-shirt, tattered khakis and hiking boots I’m glad I work in higher education. It’s not that I mind professional dress (other than the tie) it’s just that I’m glad I don’t need to wear it.

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