Viagra report Now that USB flash drives are cheap and common producers clearly need to get creative to compete. Viagra report Here are a couple great ideas for storage with a more personal touch:

Viagra report USB Bear

Stuff this cuddly USB bear with 1GB of photos, viagra report music or documents.

Viagra report Blue USB fortune cookie

I have to admit this is the first blue fortune cookie I’ve ever seen, viagra report but imagine how many fortunes you could fit in this USB fortune cookie

Viagra report USB Hamburger

Also from the freshly baked line the USB Hamburger may not be a half-pound burger, viagra report but it is a 2GB drive!

Viagra report Of course none of these beat the USB Humping Dog but you can’t store files on that (and let’s face it, viagra report it might not quite be appropriate for that executive board meeting.)

Viagra report Thanks to Don for the USB bear.

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Viagra prescription online Being an eternal optimist I loved this xkcd cartoon from earlier this week:

Viagra prescription online The end is not for a while

Gotta love xkcd!

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Viagra purchase by phone There’s a lot of buzz around smartphones right now. Viagra purchase by phone With falling prices and service improvements it’s becoming clear that cellular providers will beat municipal Wi-Fi in all but a few areas.

Viagra purchase by phone That’s the idea I explored in my recent article for Internet Evolution.

Viagra purchase by phone At the same time, viagra purchase by phone smart phones like the iPhone have crossed over from being business tools to consumer products. Viagra purchase by phone Indeed, viagra purchase by phone they are quickly becoming the mobile device of choice.

Viagra purchase by phone And why not? More than just phones with PDA functionality, viagra purchase by phone these devices have now become full-fledged platforms. Viagra purchase by phone Web browsing, viagra purchase by phone chat, viagra purchase by phone email, viagra purchase by phone and games are their core competencies, viagra purchase by phone and applications for them are just getting more interesting from there.

Viagra purchase by phone Read my full article for more of my thoughts on how these new devices and services will shape our lives in the near future.

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Viagra in india A Pret creationAlex over at always has great tips and info on being happy at work, viagra in india but this article on hiring happy people at the British based company Pret A Manger particularly caught my attention.

Viagra in india Alex pulled just the right quote from this article from The Insider blog:

Viagra in india “You can’t hire someone who can make sandwiches and teach them to be happy, viagra in india” says Jay, viagra in india “So we hire happy people and teach them to make sandwiches”

Viagra in india This may seem like an oversimplification, viagra in india but it’s true! I’ve always felt when hiring that you are much better interviewing the person first, viagra in india then worry about their skills. Viagra in india I’ve seen folks with more experience than I come in to a job and have a negative impact on those around them and I’ve seen folks with practically no experience come in and do wonderfully.

Viagra in india The full interview with Pret’s Head of Communication Jay Chapman has some fantastic content and is well worth the read. Viagra in india sandwich

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Can teens take viagra Well, can teens take viagra the Summer Olympics ended last weekend and now I remember why they only happen every 4 years. Can teens take viagra It’s been fun to watch some of the worlds best compete and break records, can teens take viagra but after more than two weeks of it I’ve had enough.

Can teens take viagra Not to miss a beat, can teens take viagra The Onion reported last week “Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World“.

Can teens take viagra ORLANDO—Fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist and SeaWorld main attraction Michael Phelps returned to his seven-million-gallon water tank Wednesday to resume his normal schedule of performing in six shows a day for marine park crowds every day of the week.

Can teens take viagra Gotta love The Onion!

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