eWeeks 15 geekiest vacations!

There is something satisfying about “Top X” lists, no matter how contrived they may be. Well, since it’s that time of the year, here’s eWeek.com’s 15 Geekiest Vacations.

Star Trek Convention

On a personal note, Carla’s vacation came in at #5, but somehow the anime convention didn’t make the list (sorry Tom.)

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Oracle security, from the ground up

There are so many facets to Oracle security that it can seem imposible to keep up with them all. This short article from Don Burleson is a nice refresher on some of the major areas of Oracle database security.

The article pays specific attention to the use of Oracle’s Virtual Private database feature and how it can be used to restrict access based on data values. With the complexity of Oracle it is nice to have these short articles on specific topics and features

Safari on Windows – Where’s my Home?

SafariI am impressed with how fast Apple’s Safari browser runs on Windows, but a lot of Win/Safari users are going to be wondering one thing… Where’s the home buttton?

So here’s how you add the home button to your toolbar in Safari:

  1. Start Safari (well, duh!)
  2. Select “Customize Toolbar” from the View menu
  3. Drag the Home icon from the dialogue box to the location you want it to appear on your toolbar
  4. Click Done

A few other differences will quickly become evident. For example, you can’t just drag an address over the home button to set the homepage. Instead, to set the homepage navigate to the page you want to set as your home, select Preferences from the Edit menu and click on the “Set to Current Page” button about half way down the page.

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The truth about auto fuel-saving devices

Magnets, turbines, fuel additives, there are a ton of products on the market which claim to improve fuel economy in cars, but do they work? Which ones are the best? Will they affect emissions? Most of us don’t have the appropriate funding, equipment or time to evaluate these products. Enter the EPA.

Yup, that’s right. The EPA has done our homework for us; and why not, we payed for it! The EPA has not tested every new-fangled gas-saving device out there, but they have tested a whole bunch. What are the results? Well, it turns out your first instincts are probably right. These products are garbage!

Now, the EPA hasn’t tested all of these devices, but this report from the Federal Trade Commission lists the ones they have. Better yet, if you’re considering one of these devices you can download the test results for the specific device you’re considering. The tests span decades, but I’m sure some of these products are still around, and still suck.

So like most magic after-market devices the fuel-saving gadgets are nothing but snake oil. After all, if someone really came up with an idea that would improve fuel efficiency by 20% they could sell it to one of the big auto companies for millions! Fuel economy is a bigger selling point than ever. As improvements in fuel economy can be made the auto industry will adopt them, quickly, and then advertise the hell out of it!

So what can you do? The best information on that seems to be on the Department of Energy’s site, fueleconomy.gov.

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Triple barrel potato cannon

Well, this clearly qualifies for artillery of the week. This three barrel potato gun uses electronic injectors to deliver propane to each of its three champers, ignition coils and spark plugs for ignition, and the entire unit, including pan and tilt control is controlled through PIC micro controllers by a gaming joystick.

Triple barrel potato gun

The video has a ton of information on the device, but unfortunately only shows one shot, but if that’s not enough for you, you can make your own with the provided instructions*. I bet we’ll see more video of this potato gun sometime in the future.

* Check local laws regarding high velocity food products, and don’t blame me for the resulting accidents, lawsuits or potato famine.

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