Bar Monkey Software

Alan Baker has decided to make his Bar Monkey software available for download, so here it is. For more information on the Bar Monkey and just how big a project this can be, chek out my previous article on Alan’s Bar Monkey. The following link contains Java source code for compiling Alan’s Bar Monkey software. … Continue reading Bar Monkey Software

Alan Baker’s Bar Monkey

While I have written about the Bar Monkey I helped Alan build this winter it’s time to give a better overview of how the whole system works. This is not intended as a how-to but may be of help to folks who are looking to make their own Bar Monkey. The Bar Monkey is a … Continue reading Alan Baker’s Bar Monkey

The Bar Monkey In Action

After months of planning and weeks of construction, on New Years Eve, 2005 Alan’s Bar Monkey finally made its debut. I have updated the Bar Monkey image gallery with more photos from the construction, testing and first night of use. The first night was a limited success. The Bar Monkey made tasty drinks, and calibration … Continue reading The Bar Monkey In Action

Bar Monkey Relay Assembly

So Alan has made some good progress on the Bar Monkey. The relays are mostly complete (a few nights soldering between grading finals) and the next step is testing them out. According to Alan the relays were fairly straight forward. The only big challenge was figuring out the orientation of the IC chips. Thankfully they … Continue reading Bar Monkey Relay Assembly

A Bar Monkey in the Making

Alan Baker, a good friend and co-worker has decided that it’s time to build a Bar Monkey. What’s a Bar Monkey? Well the idea comes from the guys at Basically the idea is to have some computer controlled hardware (relays and pumps or valves) that pour precisely measured amounts of liquors and mixers to … Continue reading A Bar Monkey in the Making