A short lull

Well, if you follow my blog at all you’ve probably noticed a bit of a lull in posting and, while I don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about myself here I figured I’d take a moment to share why things have been slow lately.

The truth is things haven’t been slow lately. Blogging has been slow, but not other things in my life. Last week was my last week working as a DBA at Plymouth State University. It’s been fun there, but next Monday I start my new gig working for SunGard Higher Education as a Senior Technical Consultant-Oracle Remote Database Administrator.

In addition to being a higher level position with more potential for growth this position also gives me the opportunity to telecommute from my home in Concord, NH! Expect to hear more about telecommuting and adjusting to the change soon, but suffice it to say I’m fairly excited to go from a 45 minute commute to a 45 second commute.

So after wrapping up my first book I took this week off to get back on track with my second book, a goal which was going well up until an incident happened yesterday with a glass of water and my only Mac keyboard. For the record, don’t try to blow-dry your keyboard.

So I’m back on line with a brand new keyboard and busy as hell writing and getting my home office set up. If you’ll bear with me just a bit longer I’ve got some great articles coming including a hands-on review of the USB Missile Launcher (yes I have one and I’m not afraid to use it.)


Airport Security

Airport SecuritySo how well does profiling work for airport security? Donald Burleson tells of a recent run-in with one of the TSA’s under qualified personnel:

I had just passed through the metal detector and the agent stopped me asking about the bulge in my crotch.

The conversation went something like this:

“What dat in yo’ pants?”

“Um, that would be my penis”

Upon reflection, she may have been talking about my wallet, but the damage was already done. The TSA agent made me pass through the metal detector THREE TIMES until the alarm sounded, and I knew that were going to inspect my manhood. But it’s not just sexy men who are targeted.

And he’s right. It’s not just sexy men like Donald who are unnecessarily hassled by these sadistic morons. My sister Carla reports from recent experience on the ineffective profiling methods employed by airport security:

By security logic, clearly if you’re a scruffy, thuggish, ruffian-looking guy, you’re going to get your clean-cut looking girlfriend to carry all your Bad Things.

Of course, having now observed this, I recommend that actual scruffy, thuggish, ruffians carry their own Bad Things so innocent girlfriends of innocent scruffy guys can be left alone.

Could it be this easy to defeat the profiling methods of the TSA? Sure. Talk to anyone who travels often. They’ll tell you how to avoid being screened.

I’m not sure what the solution is here, but we simply must do better.

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