Why blog?

Every once in a while I revisit the question of why I blog. Not because I doubt that I should, but because I see by blog as a living, evolving part of my personal and professional self.

Rod Boothby of Innovation Creators sums it up nicely in reference to MBA students:

With 10 minutes of effort a day, they use blogs (which are web pages that are easy to edit) to reach a massive audience. They can develop a worldwide reputation as an expert in their field. These MBAs don’t blog about parties or their dog. They blog business topics like marketing or financial derivatives. Even with traffic of only 5 to 10 people a day, that quickly translates into over 1,000 people who know who they are, and respect their knowledge and opinions.

This is from Rod’s whitepaper “The Next Wave in Productivity Tools – Web Office White Paper” in which he discusses how many Web2.0 technologies and the folks who use them are entering the corporate world. It’s well worth the read.

Thanks to John for sending this on to me.

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Chronology of Oracle Blogs

OracleAndyC has compiled a short history of Oracle blogging.

It’s interesting to look at these in rough chronological order, and always nice to have a good list. Thanks Andy!

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Top Oracle Blogs

OracleIn no particular order, here are some of the other folks blogging good stuff about Oracle. Most are more up on current topics than I am since I mostly write how-to stuff so I can find it when I need it.

Rittman.net – Mark Rittman’s Oracle Weblog is a fantastic resource with a focus on data warehousing and business intelligence. One of the best sites by an individual.

PeteFinnigan.com – Pete Finnigan has a lot of security related info. A great resource!

AskTom.Oracle.com – While Ask Tom is not really a blog, there is a wealth of information here on most Oracle topics.

OracleDoug.Blogspot.com – Doug has a bit more casual site and, like me, talks about tech and non-tech topics.

OracleToday.Blogspot.com – Not a frequent poster, but some great nuts-and-bolts SQL and PL/SQL stuff.

ThinkOracle.Blogspot.com – Another blog with a potpouri of Oracle topics.

TKyte.Blogspot.com – The Tom Kyte Blog. Tom works for Oracle (see AskTom.Oracle.com above) and some of his Oracle stuff and peripheral interests and opinions spill over into here.

More are out there. Feel free to comment with your favorites and also check out some of my favorite Oracle web resources

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Hi, my name is Jon, and it’s been 6 hours since my last cup of coffee.

Welcome to my weblog. Topics you can expect to hear me blab about in the future may include (but certainly aren’t limited to) the following:
– Oracle and Database Administration
– Systems Administration
– Information Technology
– Radio controlled flight
– Music
– Kayaking
– And yes, occasionally coffee

I primarily intend to use this blog to organize my thoughts on work and my other interests.

More to come soon.

Have fun.