Paper money magnetic?

So I read somewhere (perhaps MAKE) that the ink used to print paper money in the US contains iron and is therefore magnetic. Zach and I decided we had to try this at lunch and had this fun with a $2 bill and a stack of strong neodymium magnets:

It wasn’t strong enough to lift the bill but you can definitely see the magnet’s effect. It seems like only the ink around the outer part of the bill worked and this was with one of the newer US bills.

Try it yourself! It’s a great Friday afternoon distraction.

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Best bumper sticker ever

Living in a condo association you get used to folks coming and going, you just cross your fingers and hope that with this spin of the wheel you won’t get some nutty redneck. Well, before I’d even met my new neighbors I saw this bumper sticker on their car.

My Boss Is An Italian Plumber

Needless to say I stopped worrying immediately.

These are available through ThinkGeek, of course…

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More Acoustic, Irish and Celtic podcasts

A couple months ago I wrote about podcasts I listen to and mentioned that I’d post more as I found them. Well now I’ve got some catching up to do, so here’s the new acoustic, Irish and Celtic podcasts.

Celtic Folk Podcast is a great Celtic and traditional podcast by Al Mann. Though they have been a little infrequent this summer Al plays a great selection of music. Subscribe via iTunes

The Cleveland Celtic Podcast plays a bit more contemporary selection of Celtic music. Wendy Donahue plays some great Celtic rock and other contemporary selections in the Celtic genre. Subscribe via iTunes

Marc Gunn’s Pub Songs Podcast comes from the same guy who publishes the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast and features some of Marc’s favorite pub songs and often a selection which pushes the limits of the pub song genre. Though short, this podcast is well worth subscribing to. Subscribe via iTunes

It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast is a relative newcomer to the podcasting scene by Graham Holland. Graham focuses on music from Liverpool where he lives and across the UK. If you gravitate toward British folk this is a great podcast for you. Subscribe via iTunes

The best part about all these podcasts (other than them being free) is there is very little overlap between them. Each one plays a different variety of music from different areas.

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Spotting Stray Shopping Carts

Plow Crush CardEverybody needs a hobby and here’s a great one no matter where you live.

The Stray Shopping Cart Project website has a complete guide to spotting and properly identifying all kinds of shopping carts including discerning a true stray from a false stray.

If you get serious about stray shopping carts you can take this great new hobby with you with their printed field guide The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification.

Having grown up in Maine B 10, the Plow Crush (shown on right) is one of my favorites.