Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Think you can tell the difference between a programming language inventor and a serial killer just from a picture? Take the test and see.

Take the Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer Quiz.

Compliments of Matt Round’s weblog. If you’re into web design check out his main page. It’s quite a bit different from your average blog.

Thanks to Don Burleson for sending this on to me.

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Google + Apple = Goopple?

Today at the keynote address for Apple’s MacWorld San Francisco show Apple CEO Steve Jobs brought Google CEO Eric Schmidt on stage to talk about how the two companies are collaborating. The Google Maps integration in the new Apple phone is unbelievable, but what would it be called if Google were to merge with Apple?

Schmidt quipped that it could be called “AppleGoog” but this option overlooks the obvious (at least to me) choice of Goopple.


Whatever you call it this is going to be cool.

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Wacky Warning Labels

Don't climb in here

For the tenth year in a row the Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch has held their Wacky Warning Labels Contest. According to their site the contest is conducted by the group “to reveal how lawsuits, and concern about lawsuits, have created a need for common sense warnings on products.”

This year’s winner from shown here on a washing machine wisely advises “DO NOT put any person in this washer.” Good advice? Sure, but I love that M-LAW has taken it upon themselves to point out how foolish this type of warning really is. Personally I think the funniest part is that it specifies “this washer” which on some level implies there is a washer that it is safe to put a person in.

On the other hand I can’t help but think of when the Free Beer and Hot Wings show gave their producer a ride in a big clothes dryer. Of course no warning label would have stopped them anyway.

So before you microwave your cell phone or iron your winning lottery ticket check out this year’s top 5. Also worth a scan is the list of past winners. I’ve thought about sending them the box to my drinking bird but never quite got around to it.

Thanks to Don Burleson for letting me know the new winners were in!

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Some unusual action figures

B-Movie VictimsA little late for Christmas, but here’s a site with some neat, out of the ordinary gifts.

Shakespeare’s Den offers an unusual selection of gifts in the areas of theatre, writing, art, music, dance and film. There is everything from pen sets to the Screaming Scream Doll, but it was the Avenging Unicorn and the Horrified B-Movie Victims that I had to get as gifts this year.

Avenging UnicornWhile I had the B-Movie Victims sent directly to a friend who has moved away but I did get the chance to see the Avenging Unicorn, complete with three extra horns and a set of three victims. The victims are a mime, a cranky businessman and a new age lady and all are designed to be impaled on the horn.

Shakespeare’s Den shipped promptly and everything was well packed. Check them out for some unique gifts.

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USB Humping Dog

Yes, proving that just because you can doesn’t mean you should someone went out of their way to come up with this little novelty:

Yes, for $20 for the single or $55 for a set of three you too can put USB power to use in a way you never imagined with your very own USB powered humping dog.