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Alan Baker has decided to make his Bar Monkey software available for download, so here it is. For more information on the Bar Monkey and just how big a project this can be, chek out my previous article on Alan’s Bar Monkey.

The following link contains Java source code for compiling Alan’s Bar Monkey software. The source is written for Windows XP and is distributed under GPL with no guarantee or warranty.

Alan Baker’s Bar Monkey Software

Here are Alan’s instructions for the setup and configuration:

The link above will download a zip file with everything you’ll need.

Inside, you’ll find 6 source files, and 2 necessary text files. To compile the source, using JDK 1.5, run “javac”. This will compile all of the source files and create a pile of class files.

Once you’ve compiled the software, you can run it with “java monkeylauncher”. The two necessary text files packaged with the source are drink-db.txt and liquor-relay-map.txt. The liquor-relay-map.txt is solely used to specify which liquor or mixer is attached to each relay. The format is a relay_number:liquor_name each on it’s own line.

The other file is the drink database, which you’ll find is prepopulated with many of the drinks I’ve been making with my own monkey. The format is a little confusing to start, but it isn’t too hard to add a new drink once you’ve done one or two. The format is:
drink_name;ingredient1:amount,ingredient2:amount,[ … ]

The names of the liquors and mixers in this file much match up to the names in the relay map, otherwise the software won’t recognize the ingredient and will ask you to put the ingredient in after it’s done pouring.

There are two warnings I need to give you … at this point there isn’t an emergency stop button, so be careful that your recipes won’t overflow the glass. The other is that if during the middle of a pour you happen to close the program, the relays won’t shut off. I had added a window closing event to the frame that was supposed to close the relays, but I found out the hard way during the last party that it’s not quite working yet.

If you need help or have a suggestion feel free to leave a comment.

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