Advertising Information

Below are the advertising rates for Please note that these are subject to change. If you are interested in advertising here please contact me.

Sidebar tower ad

This 180 pixel wide ad may be up to 600 pixels high and appears on every page on Life After Coffee. The ad will replace the Google ad immediately below the “My Books” links in the sidebar. This ad is seen by thousands of readers every day!

1 month: $300
6 months: $1500
12 months: $2500

Single page/story ads

Text ads on individual pages including single stories and pages are available at the following rates:

1 month: $20
6 months: $75
12 months: $125

Ads are available on any story which does not already have a “Sponsored Link” block immediately following it.

Front page ads

A text ad block at the end of the first story on the site’s front page (replacing the existing Google ad block) is available for the following rates:

1 month: $100
6 months: $500
12 months: $800

The ad block at the end of the second story on the front page is available for the following rates:

1 month: $50
6 months: $200
12 months: $350

All single page and front page ads will be placed at the end of the page content (except front page ads) and wrapped in a “Sponsored Link” box like the example at the bottom of this page.

Small sidebar ads

Short site-wide sidebar ads are available in the links block in my sidebar under the category of “Sponsored Links” at the following rates:

1 month: $50
6 months: $200
12 months: $350

If you have special requests for ad placements feel free to contact me and I will work with you. There is no setup fee and I also offer additional discounts if purchasing more than 10 ads.

The fine print:

As owner and administrator of I agree to display the text ads provided at the end of the main page content on the indicated pages in a box labeled “Sponsored Links”. The ad will be placed starting within five business days of receipt of payment (via PayPal) and continuing for the period of time purchased. While I give no guarantee of continuation after the ad period I will likely offer a continuation at the same, or only slightly increased rate.

Each ad may be up to 500 characters in length (about 70 words.) Ads may be changed up to 3 times (not including initial setup and minor changes such as correcting typos) within the ad term but all ads are subject to my approval.

In exchange for these services the advertiser will pay the agreed upon rate to the PayPal account unless another payment method has been determined. The advertiser or I may cancel any ad at any time during the ad term. If the ad is canceled by either party at any time a refund will be made equivalent to the amount of time remaining on the ad.

Your text ad, including links to your site will display in a box like this. Each ad is limited to 500 characters which is about 70 words, but that is quite a bit of text. As an example, this ad is only 222 characters long.

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