About Life After Coffee

Life After Coffee is a blog of my personal and professional interests.

LifeAfterCoffee.com has a wide variety of content including topics like technology, information technology, humor, music and yes, even coffee. Only a couple years after its inception Life After Coffee has grown to receive around 10,000 hits per day. The site continually receives acclaim from the online community and has reached a Technorati ranking within the top 10,000 weblogs worldwide and has also been recognized as the number 1 Oracle blog.

My background includes several years of database and systems administration in both academics and industry. In addition to publishing online I am also the author of two books available from Rampant TechPress (rampant-books.com.) My personal interests are broad and readily apparent by the content and categories of my posts; however my biggest overriding interest is to know and understand how things work.

While LifeAfterCoffee.com is non-topical the large amount of information technology content tends to attract IT professionals.

Thanks for taking an interest.

Jon Emmons
Head Brewer and Drinker
Life After Coffee

DISCLAIMER: This site and its content are in no way associated with any of my past or present employers. The opinions here are mine alone, except where clearly quoted, cited or within the context of a comment left by a visitor.

If you find any content on this site inappropriate or slanderous in any way feel free to report it to me via email and I will consider removing it.

Any information presented here is provided for educational use only. Information is provided without warranty or guarantee of any type.

4 thoughts on “About Life After Coffee”

  1. Can this site be used for a person to find out how to unblock a web blocker on a computer? I have one to filter out the junk. Do people ask you questions about how to do things like that? What other things would this site be used for? Why also would it come up restricted for any reason?

    Thanks for your time,


  2. Tammy,

    I’m afraid I don’t really know much about unblocking sites myself so I don’t think I can help you much. People often ask questions about Oracle database and system administration, but desktop stuff is really out of my field.


  3. Hi Tammy, i`m not really that good at computers but i think i might be able to help you.

    If you have a Mac or macentosh i cant really help you but if you
    have windows we can work with that.

    Click on start and on control panel.

    Now you click on internet options and on security.

    Modify the settings there to your likings and test it out.

    Maybe you can ask Jon to e-mail you my e-mail adress

    Your welcome, Jack

  4. Cool site. Is there any way I can get a copy of that picture and header at the top of the page? I can’t do a right click and copy on it. It’s such a neat picture and theme and I love it. Thanks either way; yes or no.

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