hello. iamthenode and I’m here to make you vomit

Oracle EMEA has launched a pilot Web 2.0 program where a character called ‘The Oracle Node” can do a search on the entire OTN website for content you are interested in. This was created and aimed at developers to help encourage registration and downloads on OTN.

The program has a strong web 2.0 aspect with details about the Node on many of the networking websites. Since this is a pilot program, we thought you might be interested in getting involved with the project by suggesting new sources of information, building up and spreading of the Node virally. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas you may have to help improve the Node.

I am the node and I’m here to hurt you

Go ahead, click through and form your own opinion… All I can say is what the hell is Oracle thinking? If you can stomach the orbiting pod long enough to navigate to the end of one of these paths you’ll be faced with a sliding wall of nausea which may somehow contain some relevant information, but with no discernible organization.

I have come up with two acceptable explanations… Someone at Oracle just finished a class on Flash and needed a project, or someone at Oracle just finished a study on motion sickness and needed a project.

You can grow a beautiful garden out of a pile of shit, but it’s hard to see anything fertile about iamthenode.com at this point.

5 thoughts on “hello. iamthenode and I’m here to make you vomit”

  1. Wow, that thing really looks like a turret from the game “Portal”. If you haven’t played it, take a look here to see the turrets in action. Warning, it’s a youtube video with sound.

  2. Whoa! There goes my morning coffee…
    I’m off to the coffee machine and stare at a blank wall for an hour or so.

  3. Yes, quite strange, I tried to surf for technology, database, xml and found my blog post about Chinese Chess Championship 2006 🙂

    Well, the Oracle Web 2.0 developers surely had fun writing this interface …

  4. spinning and panning and zoom, oh my! If that is Oracle’s idea of a good interface… well, then that explains a lot. Hopefully their future licensing agreements will include a supply of Dramamine.

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