Oracle Shell Scripting review – Excellent read!

My book, Oracle Shell Scripting has received another 5-star review on Amazon!

A. Tucker “Rat” writes:

Oracle administrators of all levels will find benefit in this book. The author has put together the basics in shell scripting and OS fundamentals in aid of maintaining and monitoring scalable production Oracle environments. Each example is easy to read and follow and leaves the reader with room to explore and extrapolate on their own with little effort. A great lookup source for old timers and “must have” for newbies.

I highly recommend this book

Thanks for the great review Rat!

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Shell Scripting review – Excellent read!”

  1. i am from india and this book is not available here. So from where should i buy the book

  2. Rizwan,

    You should contact the publisher ( and see if they’ll ship to India. If not, let me know and I can sell you a copy for the same price as on their site ($34.99) plus actual shipping costs. I have no idea what the cost of shipping to India would be.

    I tried to respond to the email address you provided but it seems to have bounced. Hope you see this here.

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