Oracle Locator Express – Manage Multiple Oracle Homes in Windows

If you administrate Oracle databases on Windows or even just have a few installations of Oracle on your desktop (I personally have 4) then you probably have noticed that changing Oracle Homes in Windows isn’t necessarily as easy as it should be.

There used to be a tool called Oracle Home Selector but it seems to have gone the way of the buffalo. Enter Oracle Locator Express.

Oracle Locator Express

This little application runs as a normal exe and puts an icon into the notification area of your Windows taskbar. A click will show the current Oracle home location (very handy) and a right click will let you select from installed Oracle homes.

The OLE application is less than 200kb and the best part is it’s free! DbMotive has some other tools which might be worth looking at while you’re at their site, but I can tell you right now that Oracle Locator Express is well worth having!

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