Viagra usa Oracle Shell ScriptingExactly 15 months after I first posted about it my book Oracle Shell Scripting: Linux and UNIX Programming for Oracle has finally been printed and is available!

Viagra usa The book offers an introduction to shell scripting, viagra usa an in-depth look at many useful shell commands and tools and a bunch of example scripts to use as-is or as a basis for your own custom scripts. Viagra usa As a long-time database and system administrator I have compiled some of the best tools, viagra usa tips and tricks I have found for administration, viagra usa monitoring and automation of DBA tasks.

Viagra usa I know you’re just dying to go out and get it, viagra usa but it will probably take a couple weeks for it to hit book stores and Amazon. Viagra usa The best way to buy the book is directly from the publisher. Viagra usa They have it in stock and ready to go.

Viagra usa I will be posting more about the book here in the near future. Viagra usa It really covers a lot of what I have learned in my professional career and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to share my experience in this form. Viagra usa If you have questions about the book please feel free to leave a comment. Viagra usa I don’t always get to my comments quickly, viagra usa but I do read and reply to all of them.

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