You find it in the strangest places…

Humor me for a moment and read the following statements:

“If there are any competent Asians, I failed to meet them.”

Asian or Arab origin people are incompetent. My point is proved by the fact that they have always been slaves and will remain in such conditions. The west has always dominated the east.

I know what you’re thinking, there’s a lot of shit out there on the net, but would you believe that this racist garbage is tolerated on the forums of Oracle’s own website?

And if you think the statements above are bad (or you think I have somehow taken it out of context) you should read the whole thread. It’s amazing that (allegedly) educated professionals can be so ignorant.

More amazing to me is that Oracle doesn’t pursue and remove these posts. After all, for every person who will speak up against this racist crap there are ten who will just leave with a bad taste for the people who host the content.

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6 thoughts on “You find it in the strangest places…”

  1. Oracle does remove the posting privileges of those accounts, if reported. You’ll find that thread covered in
    They can also lock threads against further comment.

    The third-party software used for the forum doesn’t give them much ability to track the user (ie doesn’t record the IP address of the poster). So it is too easy for repeat offenders to get back in under another id.
    I’m not sure whether they are able to edit posts to remove the offending posts/text

  2. Oracle’s forum software is pretty crummy.

    Color me unsurprised that it’s Sybrand. He’s haunted* for years with his crap.

  3. Let’s not forget the Oracle usenet newsgroups, home of bigots and profane talk.

    I’m seeing a new sexist bias too.

    Our lead engineer (Robin Haden) has had two calls this week from men with poor English skills who refused to talk with a woman!

    Here we have some ignorant dork telling a Nuclear Engineer that she is not good enough to talk to him . . .

    I’ve told Robin to insult their manhood and suggest that need need to talk with a man because they lust for one . . . .

    What’s the Oracle community coming to?

  4. Its sad how bad the racism and sexism is now in the tech and corporate world.

    Much is covert and hidden but still there. I have known co-workers who are racist and bigots. It disgusts me because we all deserve respect as fellow homo sapiens on this planet earth.

  5. This was shocking. Oracle seems to have now pulled this page down – the thread doesn’t exist any more.

  6. I would think that the racism aspect in IT and society
    will tend to get worse, as more immigrants enter the country
    with false credentials the industry will degrade.
    Management has a strong propensity to equate low renemeration
    with better over all company/government goals. I have
    observed how this causes massive cost overruns and poor
    product deliveries.

    Current I am working in a backup career were they have pull
    peoples credentials for falsification, it would be nice to
    see this happen in the IT industry.

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