Buy viagra online If you’re an Oracle DBA like me you are probably wondering how 11g, buy viagra online Oracle’s most recent release, buy viagra online will affect you. Buy viagra online Don Burleson who points out some great new features of 11g:

Buy viagra online The new Oracle data compression utility promises to save on disk storage up to three times over storing data in an uncompressed format, buy viagra online with relatively small overhead.

SPA [SQL Performance Analyzer] is one of the most exciting features. Buy viagra online It’s a holistic tuning tool that allows you to define and replay a representative workload on your database.

Buy viagra online And some appropriate warnings:

Buy viagra online Oracle has created artificial intelligence to advise on self-healing operations, buy viagra online and these are often misunderstood and misapplied by people without the requisite background.

Buy viagra online Check out the whole article, buy viagra online and if you have a chance be sure to catch Don’s 11g New Features presentation! I was lucky enough to see it before my presentation at the North Carolina Oracle User Group meeting a few weeks ago and learned a lot!

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