Complete Bloc-Tronic manual

Love Tester ProjectFor those of you who are interested I have now posted the complete Bloc-Troic manual in my gallery!

From cover to cover (well, not really, the back cover was blank so I didn’t scan it.) the manual contains 163 electronic experiments. Each experiment illustrates the block layout for the kit and also includes a standard schematic for those who want to breadboard or permanently build any of the projects.

The experiments span from a simple conductor/insulator tester to a sound level meter to a basic radio with microphone mixing. While the Bloc-Tronic set was designed for children completing every, or even most projects in this book would be quite an accomplishment!

Unfortunately I have not transcribed the text from these pages to make them searchable. Perhaps someday I’ll get around to that, or better yet, maybe some fan of the set will volunteer to do part or all of them for me. (It took me a year to even get the images up, so don’t hold your breath on my account.)

If you’re having trouble making out something in the images notice that you can switch to a high-res version. The shadows in the image are the experiment on the back of each page bleeding through which should give you an idea of the quality of paper used in this manual. I have made it available because it seems to be orphaned. It is no longer made or distributed, the company named on the manual and box seems to have disappeared and there isn’t a copyright to be found anywhere in the materials.

I hope some others can find this useful with either the set or for building experiments on a breadboard.

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2 thoughts on “Complete Bloc-Tronic manual”

  1. I was digging through some boxes in my grandparents attic and what should I come across but a complete Bloc-tronic D set, minus the manual of course.

    Thank you very much for posting the manual. Is there a chance that you could post this in PDF form? I’d love to dl this but going one page at a time would take..well, months. =)

  2. My Father brought these home to me 20-25 years ago from Europe, they were fun then, but they are even more fun now that I’ve pulled them out and started sharing them with my son! Now that I’m an engineer (mechanical) I really appreciate them even more!

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