Dress made of condoms

It’s funny, you wouldn’t think a dress made of thousands of condoms would be a pretty thing, but the overall effect is quite stunning!

A dress made of condoms

Art MoCo offers some explanation of why the artist Adriana Bertini creates these amazing dresses:

The Brazilian artist started creating fashions out of condoms to highlight the need to look at the prophylactics as basics, so that we would don them as easily as a pair of jeans. Some of her dresses use thousands of condoms; one wedding dress took almost 80,000 (and to think, some people hesitate over using just one!).

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21 thoughts on “Dress made of condoms”

  1. I am attempting to have one made for a fashion show that I am in, but I kinda want a train on mine’s. Any tips?

  2. wooooooow!!!!!!!!! its quite interesting i think most high school guys would try to fit themselves in the condom then get mad when they dont fit lmfao

  3. U just a nasty!!!!! But dat is very creative and i bet nobody will get pregnant dat night

  4. This one is an extremly odd creation! But infairness, it looks just so totally gorgeous…but of course, leaving the real purpose behind!hahaha

  5. Wow, what an innovative idea. I would like to use the pink one, which is 12th from the bottom, 5th from right, 6th from left and 23rd from top. WITHOUT PULLING IT OFF FROM THE DRESS !!!!!!

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