Search pages in Firefox with just one key

So here’s a nice little Firefox easter egg for vi users:

In Firefox (at least version on the PC, I haven’t confirmed this on others) you can search for text by simply typing a slash (/). As long as you’re not in a text entry box the / character will open up the find dialog box just like control-f would.

For those of you who don’t understand the significance of this, in the popular UNIX command line text editor vi you search for text by typing /string to find. This is typical of how vi works: powerful, simple commands which are rarely obvious.

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4 thoughts on “Search pages in Firefox with just one key”

  1. On web “pages” that do not capture keystrokes for application interface purposes, you can also just start typing as long as you are not focused on a text input field on the page or in the browser. I frequently find myself doing this on a web page after I have followed a Google search result.

  2. I’m fairly certain that this “easter egg” has been available in FireFox and Mozilla since the beginning.

    I’m sure it’s in the documentation somewhere, I have no idea where I found out about it — I’ve been doing it for years..


  3. Wow! Awesome. Love the connection with vi. However, I prefer to check the box under
    tools -> options -> advanced -> general -> accessibility -> “Search For Text When I Start Typing”

    This has to be enabled, so if you’re like me and you frequent the open-access computer labs at someplace like a university, it won’t work right off the bat. So the ‘/’ is a great tip.

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