The Kancamagus Highway

Rocky GorgeA couple weeks ago Kirsten and I took a drive across the beautiful Kancamagus Highway which runs 35 miles through the White Mountains from Conway, NH to Lincoln, NH.

The drive is full of beautiful scenic stops, hiking trails and swimming holes. The best part about the Kanc is that much of it can be seen only a short walk from the parking areas. It’s great when you want to get outside without having to worry about wearing the right clothes, what you need to take for gear, etc. Just make sure you have enough gas and head over!

Most folks tend to drive from Lincoln to Conway, but my preference is to go the other way so the Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery is at the end. It’s a great stop for lunch, dinner, or just a nice cold beer. They have a huge menu and they make great beer!

So if your vacation plans take you to central or northern New Hampshire make sure you check out the Kancamagus Highway. It’s a beautiful drive you could spend as little as an hour, or easily a day or more to do.

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2 thoughts on “The Kancamagus Highway”

  1. You forgot to mention that it’s a great exhilarating drive for those of us with sportscars and roadsters looking for twisty, windy roads with lots of ups and downs. Screw the scenery 🙂

  2. “looking for twisty, windy roads with lots of ups and downs.”

    Cool, a maze of twisty little passages, all alike?

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