eWeeks 15 geekiest vacations!

There is something satisfying about “Top X” lists, no matter how contrived they may be. Well, since it’s that time of the year, here’s eWeek.com’s 15 Geekiest Vacations.

Star Trek Convention

On a personal note, Carla’s vacation came in at #5, but somehow the anime convention didn’t make the list (sorry Tom.)

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One thought on “eWeeks 15 geekiest vacations!”

  1. I think my geekiness must be wearing off, especially if I’m nowhere to be seen on a top 15 list (not just a top 10 list, a top 15!!). And here I thought I had some impressive efforts! Hmm, Cherry Hill is just a short drive away…I could up Carla by one and attend that ;)…d’oh, have to work then, oh well..!

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