Triple barrel potato cannon

Well, this clearly qualifies for artillery of the week. This three barrel potato gun uses electronic injectors to deliver propane to each of its three champers, ignition coils and spark plugs for ignition, and the entire unit, including pan and tilt control is controlled through PIC micro controllers by a gaming joystick.

Triple barrel potato gun

The video has a ton of information on the device, but unfortunately only shows one shot, but if that’s not enough for you, you can make your own with the provided instructions*. I bet we’ll see more video of this potato gun sometime in the future.

* Check local laws regarding high velocity food products, and don’t blame me for the resulting accidents, lawsuits or potato famine.

via MAKE

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3 thoughts on “Triple barrel potato cannon”

  1. Ah, I remember potato cannons. My senior year of High School my date was grounded from prom for shooting his potato cannon over a very busy street. The cops weren’t too happy with him and his buddies. I was probably better off not going with someone that would do something like that.

  2. (disclaimer) Do not try this at home, this test was performed by a self perclaimed perfessional tator gun tester!!!!!

    My buddy Shaun who shall remain nameless for the entirety of this article, being of what he calls, sound mind and body he! he! he!, decided to make him one of those there tator guns, over the objections of his wife, who stated, you’re gonna put your eye out with that thing, to which he declared “what idiot could get hurt with a tator gun.” So from that point hofully you all know where I am headed here, if not dont try makin a tator gun without reading the rest of this story!!! So the nameless fellow, refer to beginning of story, put all of his parts and pieces togetter, and perclaimed himself a perfessional tator gun maker, then atter that, nameless buddy decided to christen said tator gun, and perclaim hisself the new king of tator gun testers, by sticking his face over the soon to be designated tator launch area, and light off the former grill igniter while the PVC glue aroma was still quite fresh, so at the unexpected report of da tator gun, all or the majority of his former eyebrows, and eyelashes perclaim his gun a success as they rushed by him!!! So the moron of this story, oops I meant the moral is, dont be a testin, or a lookin into that thar tator gun until after the put togetter stuffs has thuroly dissipated!!! One for the record books, so please pass this around to all of your friends, so’s we can give my nameless buddy Shaun all the credit he justly deserves =), so in the words of good ol Bill Engvall, “Heres your sign Shaun ol buddy”

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