Coffee related WordPress themes

CoffeeSpot ThemeThe folks at WordPress Themes have posted a list of Coffee related WordPress themes and, naturally, the Caffeine theme is represented. I guess I’ll forgive them for misspelling my name. (They have since corrected my name, thanks Brian!)

Of the ones listed, my favorite (other than caffeine, of course) would have to be CoffeeSpot by Sadish Bala. Check out the other coffee themes at WordPress Themes.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee related WordPress themes”

  1. I may be wrong but I’m assuming there should there be a gif or something related to those side bar title headers?
    There is not one in the file/mages I downloaded?

  2. Sorry for my delayed response. There is no gif for the sidebar headers. They are created using coloring in the style sheet. If you’re not seeing them correctly make sure your style.css file is in the right location.

    Good luck!

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