How to reset a lost Oracle Enterprise Manager password

Below documents how I was able to reset the ias_admin password for an Oracle Application Server 9i instance. This may or may not work on other versions or products. If in doubt, check with support.

Oracle’s Enterprise Manager Web Site will enforce use of the current Administrator (ias_admin) password when you log in to Enterprise Manager, stop the Enterprise Manager Service, or change the ias_admin password. If you have forgotten your ias_admin password then you must reset it using the following procedure while you are logged on to your system as the person who installed Oracle Application Server:

1. Edit the following file and locate the line that defines the credentials property for use the ias_admin user:


The jazn-data.xml with the credentials entry in boldface type:



2. Remove the entire line that contains the credentials property from jazn-data.xml.

3. Set a new password with emctl set password reset new_password

I hope this helps if folks have this same problem, but as I mentioned above, mileage may vary. If you’re unsure, check with support.

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12 thoughts on “How to reset a lost Oracle Enterprise Manager password”

  1. Thanks a lot for this tip.
    I just restarted to work on portal after long time break and I forgot the EM password! Fortunately there is this post! Great help.

  2. This is *really* a great post!
    I’ve recovered EM on our development environment!

    many thanks!

  3. Mark,

    Sorry for the delayed response. You’ve probably figured this out by now, but the username for app server EM is always ias_admin.

  4. If using EM Grid with Oracle Apps Plug-in, after creating application system and registering compoents, the password for apps user has changed. how do you change the password for Apps user in the em repository rather than typing in Grid

  5. hi , i have so many days this problem,but i removed code in between cridentials,next line i can’t understood.. i am poor in oracle..

    Set a new password with emctl set password reset new_password

    please tell me what is emct1 next step please give me detailed

    its very urgent

    with regards

  6. hi friends,

    i am also forgot EM PASSWORD, USER IS : IAS_ADMIN, but i triend above trick, it wont work,or i cann’t understood please give me detailed to my mail id

    thanks & regards

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