Re: The web is becoming a dictatorship of idiots – Part 1

Last week Donald Burleson posted an article entitled The web is becoming a dictatorship of idiots. In it he references a Newsweek article which blasts Wikipedia as “no more reliable than the output of a million monkeys banging away at their typewriters” and claims “sites like Wikipedia, along with blogs, YouTube and iTunes, are rapidly eroding our legacy of expert guidance in favor of a ‘dictatorship of idiots.'”

I encourage you to read and share your opinions on Don’s article. Below is my response. My next article by the same title will have my response to his response.


Don’t you think there is some responsibility for the reader to be able to filter their sources for what they are? Is this a matter for legislation or education?

In my opinion (and in my own interest) I think everyone should be able to publish anything at anytime. If I post something that is completely ridiculous on my blog I expect people to tell me that. They might be right, I might be right, but either way at least it’s out there. Anyone can publish and anyone can respond.

Here’s a good example where Matt posted what he thought was a good idea of how to create auto-increment fields in Oracle without the use of Triggers.

I responded with a detailed article demonstrating why his method would not work and he followed up with another article with an updated method.

So the system can (and will eventually) balance itself. We’re in the information age and the flood gates have opened! I think it’s up to culture to catch up to technology. You and I know how to flush out good web resources. The rest of the world will catch up soon.

What do you think?

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