Put Javascript in your WordPress Posts with Script Enabler

After a long battle trying to get Javascript to work in WordPress posts I finally stumbled upon the Script Enabler Plugin by Otto. In hopes of shortening the search for others and since Otto doesn’t seem to have a home page for Script Enabler (or at least not one I can find) here’s everything you need to know about it.


  • No settings
  • No configuration
  • Use standard script tag syntax
  • It works


  1. Download it (click here)
  2. Unzip it (Hey, I was talking about the file)
  3. Move it to your plugins directory
  4. Enable it

Thanks to Otto for developing the plugin!

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5 thoughts on “Put Javascript in your WordPress Posts with Script Enabler”

  1. Hi Jon, I tried to download the file but is not available anymore. I also sent an e-mail to otto but not answer yet. Would you please send me the plugin to my e-mail address…


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