Upgrade are failed!

While applying a firmware upgrade to my Linksys WRT54G router today I encountered the following error:

Upgrade are failed!

This is right up there with “All your base are belong to us!”

On the up side, Linksys support was fairly helpful. Despite asking me “Have you tried to check the memory of your computer?” and “Have you tried to change the browser settings?” (those are exact quotes from the live chat) they got me to a download of the firmware that worked.

Overall, for $50 (on Amazon) the Linksys WRT54G router has been a damned solid and easy to configure wireless router with the nice benefit of four wired ports (in addition to the uplink.)
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9 thoughts on “Upgrade are failed!”

  1. Funnily enough I have the same router and it works pretty well. I also have occasionally patched the firmware and been relieved when it didn’t blow up and still worked.

  2. I have the same router and the same problem. What is the mythological version that worked? I still have WRT54G_v5_v6_v1011_0000.bin on my desktop, still no dice.

    My LUGmates have been telling me to go with openwrt or ddwrt, but I’m not that brave yet.

  3. Don,

    I’ve thought about going with one of the open firmwares too, but also am not that brave.

    Support told me to try to download the software for version 5 of the WRT54G, claiming that this firmware was the same for both models. I did, download worked fine, upgrade went as expected and everything works great again!

    They also recommended resetting the router to factory defaults after the upgrade and reconfiguring. To do that, first, write down all your non-default settings so you can reapply them and reset the router by holding the reset button on the back of it for 10+ seconds. After the reset log in with the default password (user: admin, password: admin) and configure.

    As I said, all this worked for me, but don’t blame me if it causes problems for you.

    Good luck.

  4. If it’s a Linksys anything there is no username for a default re-boot. It needs to be left blank and then just use admin in the password field.

  5. i have a wrt54g v8, and just tried to apply the dd-wrt micro v.24. all appeared to go ok, but the apply.cgi seems to do nothing.. I can’t change any configurations or revert back to the old firmware. I wouldn’t recommend dd-wrt at the moment

  6. Hi folks.

    Just spent several HOURS trying to update a very stubborn WRT54G – and repeatedly getting the “Upgrade are failed” message.

    I tried mini-installs of other systems, tried downgrading, upgrading and installing the same version.


    Reset, hard reset

    Same problem.

    Then I thought “I wonder if I MUST use IE instead of Firefox”.

    Worked first time.

    Just possible that some of you might be forever destined to go around in circles if you are using Firefox. I have noticed before when it comes to forms and unusual protocols etc, it doesn’t work as well as IE.

    Hope that helps someone 🙂


  7. Man, I spent hours with me brother trying to get his firmware upgraded using Firefox. Guess what, your last suggestion of doing IE worked!

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