Picture this floating in your bathtub!

Get clean with poo!Stuck for a Valentines gift this year? Show your feelings with a big steaming pile of poo!

This isn’t just some plastic dog poop; it’s actually cappuccino scented hand soap. Available from Nope, It’s soap!

There is no doubt that your sweetheart will think of you every time they rub these little nuggets on their hands.

For just $7.95 (shipping included) this is definitely the shittiest gift since the Luwak Coffee gift pack.

If your relationship just isn’t ready for the gift of poo, maybe you need Cheetos Lip Balm. Now there’s a good idea. I’m sure this is made from the same orange goo that coats your fingers as you devour Cheetos.

Thanks again to Don Burleson for sending on these fine gift ideas.

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One thought on “Picture this floating in your bathtub!”

  1. I really appreciated the pearl bracelet you gave me on a whole new level… to think I could have been rubbing my hands with little poo nuggets.

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