Working from home – Have healthy snacks around

Working from home is great. You’re not a slave to the snack machine whenever you get the munchies, but you are likely to chow down on whatever is in the house when hunger hits, so my working from home advice for the day is to have healthy snacks around no matter how expensive they are.

My current preference is for flavored pretzels. They’re far from the cheapest thing in the store, but anything is better than paying a dollar for a one ounce bag of chips! Buy the healthy snacks that you like, otherwise you’ll always be reaching for those old grease-laden standbys.

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2 thoughts on “Working from home – Have healthy snacks around”

  1. I’ve recently tried some Kashi crackers. They were delicious and healtly. I’ll be buying them again, especially the Country Cheddar crackers..

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