Here’s a story I’ve been putting off writing for a while. Alexander Kjerulf has a typically superb article on procrastination.

Alexander feels, and I agree, that procrastination isn’t necessarily bad. When you feel like procrastinating it may be a sign that it’s time for a break, or that your mind is in better shape for a different task right now.

If your year is off to a slow start and you don’t feel ready to jump into that big project this morning check out Alexander’s full article for tips on getting the most out of your procrastination including procrastinating without guilt and procrastinating 100%.

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3 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. Thanks for the kind words about my post – I’m really glad you liked it!

    It’s a shame that procrastination is being painted as a universally bad thing, when it can be just another way to enjoy work and life more.

    Sometimes going slow is exactly the right thing to do, but there is often little acceptance for this fact…

    Stay Happy,


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