Merry Christmas from Life After Coffee!

Christmas CoffeeThose of you who know me have realized by now that I’m not the type to send Christmas cards. It’s not that I don’t celebrate or enjoy Christmas it’s just that it’s one more thing to do when I barely have enough time to get my Christmas shopping done. That and having to keep track of everyone’s address, make sure I don’t forget anyone, and worse yet, there’s the challenge of finding a card I like.

Well, all that aside, consider this my Christmas card to you, whether you’re a close friend (you know who you are) an acquaintance, or a regular reader of Life After Coffee. It may not be addressed to you, but it also didn’t use any paper and no mailman had to deliver it.

So from me, Kirsten, and Gwen the cat (see below) have a happy and safe holiday and save some eggnog for me.

Gwen the cat under the tree

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