TSA List of Permitted and Prohibited Items

I’m getting ready to travel for business next week. Since I haven’t flown in about a year I figured I’d check the TSA website to see what I can and can’t carry on.

Well, the list is more detailed than I would have expected. It seems if I want to carry-on toothpaste it still needs to be in a 3 oz or less container, but at least I can carry on my Optimus Prime!

TSA List

Thank goodness. I hate to think of the little guy shivering in the cargo hold.

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6 thoughts on “TSA List of Permitted and Prohibited Items”

  1. I busted a gut when I read this. Awesome. Its also important to note that you cannot bring: Tear Gas, Hand Grenades, Meat Cleavers, or Pressurized Cheese.

  2. They are also very specific to say “Toy” transformer robots, but is that to imply that you should not bring your real transformer robots in your carry-on?

  3. Another recommendation: put everything in branded containers (not those little unmarked plastic travel bottles). Even if the brand doesn’t match the contents, for some bizarre reason my plastic nalgene bottle of facial cleanser was a threat to national security.

  4. NOT FUNNY! In 1985 my mother took my brothers and I to visit her relatives in South Korea. In the airport in Chicago, my brothers ran off and I handed my mom the transformer I was holding to run ahead with them. The transformer was Megatron, in the P-38 Walther pistol form. Apparently then my mom went to check-in, and the folks at the counter somehow thought it might be a weapon and asked her to “transform” it to prove that it wasn’t. Well of course my mom doesn’t know how to transform it, so they take it, roll it up in cardboard and send it into baggage. When we got to South Korea it was very crushed and broken. 🙁

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