Cialis endurance USB Missile LauncherWhat do you get for the geek who has everything? Of course! Their very own USB Missile Launcher! But is it really worth it? Yes! Read on and find out why.

Cialis endurance Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Cialis endurance Pros:

  • Roughly 12 foot range
  • Accurate within a foot or two even at range
  • 180 degree pan
  • Limited but reasonable tilt control (about 30 degrees above to five degrees below level)
  • Fires three darts one at a time
  • Soft foam darts are safe around the office
  • High quality molded plastic construction
  • Free Mac software better than included PC software

Cialis endurance Cons:

  • Couple second delay between clicking “Fire” and actual launch
  • Batteries required (3xAA)
  • Included software does not allow for simultaneous pan and tilt (movign diagonally)

Cialis endurance Details:

Cialis endurance Launcher in boxThe USB Missile Launcher came to me from the folks at who have quite a line of toys and gadgets appropriate for the office. Cialis endurance They sell the USB Missile Launcher for $55 which I consider a fair price for a toy this cool.

Cialis endurance It comes quite attractively packed… the type of thing that you wouldn’t be able to keep on shelves in the right locations. Cialis endurance It would make the perfect trade-show giveaway for the same reasons. Cialis endurance Have a stack of three or four of these at your booth and you’ll get some attention (hell, cialis endurance at the price just give away a dozen.)

Cialis endurance The USB Missile Launcher was equally impressive out of the box. Cialis endurance The unit quickly pans through 180 degrees and tilts about 35 degrees. Cialis endurance The PC software that ships with the unit is limited to only moving in one direction at a time, cialis endurance while the free Mac software allows movement in two directions.

Cialis endurance You can fire one missile at a time and the missiles shoot out with surprising speed, cialis endurance propelled by a small spring which is compressed when you load the missiles. Cialis endurance Both software versions suffer from a second or two delay when firing. Cialis endurance I have a feeling this is a limitation of the device, cialis endurance but it’s the only major flaw in what is otherwise a great piece of office artillery.

Cialis endurance The launcher is solidly constructed and the darts have held up well for me. Cialis endurance There is nothing with the unit or on the KlearGear site about replacement missiles, cialis endurance but I’m sure if there’s a demand they’ll become available.

Cialis endurance Conclusions:

Cialis endurance This is a great office toy and would be a great gift idea for anyone who regularly engages in cubicle warfare. Cialis endurance At a cost of $55 from the USB Missile Launcher is one of the most unique toys you could get someone this holiday season.

Cialis endurance I had hoped to get a couple videos up of the launcher but haven’t been able to get any I’m happy with. Cialis endurance Perhaps it’s time for a new digital camera.

Cialis endurance Thanks to the folks at for giving me the chance to evaluate the USB Missile Launcher.

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