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Cube at GoogleI can’t believe that in the midst of finishing up at one job, starting another and trying to bang out a couple chapters in my book I almost missed this awesome post from positivesharing.com.

Alexander has compiled a list of 10 seeeeeriously cool workplaces including Pixar, Google, Redbull and many more.

It’s astounding how little attention most employers pay to the environment their employees work in. A good environment will do wonders for morale, retention, creativity, collaboration and countless other facets of your business.

My workspace is still emerging but the great part is I now work from home so I have full control.

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2 thoughts on “What’s in your cubicle”

  1. I have been searching for awhile, and find there was very little information regarding Cubicle Decorations. What a future business this could be for someone.

    I want to turn my cubicle into a beach scene. I want some kind of flooring that will cover the carpeting and have it look like sand. Etc. you get the idea.

    Your cube is great! Love the critter! Looking at it makes me smile. What a fun cube.

    I am more into scenery, places I have been and want to go. I do have a can of Spam, just to tide me over.


  2. Diana,

    Sand is going to be tough. No matter what you do it will tend to be a mess.

    On a beach theme you might want to consider some kind of bamboo mat for the floor. A small Zen garden might provide some nice (well contained) sand to play with though.

    For the walls any beach scene in poster size will be great. The small things like a beach pass or two will really drive the scene home, but don’t forget the beach ball!

    Most importantly, have fun!

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