Flavored Coffee?

Via Carla, here are three very good UserFriendly comics which aptly reflect my feelings on coffee:

UserFriendly is often good for a laugh. Hopefully they don’t mind me posting these cartoons here, their copyright notice is very explicit (and rather humerous!):

All images, characters, content and text are copyrighted and trademarks of J.D. Frazer except where other ownership applies. Don’t do bad things, we have lawyers.
UserFriendly.Org and its operators are not liable for comments or content posted by its visitors, and will cheerfully assist the lawful authorities in hunting down script-kiddies, spammers and other net scum. And if you’re really bad, we’ll call your mom. (We’re not kidding, we’ve done it before.)

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2 thoughts on “Flavored Coffee?”

  1. I never drink flavored coffee because I prefer coffee taste. I just drink coffee to feel coffee! Of course if you drink coffee of bad brands your desire to try something tastier is evident. But if you are the real coffee gourmet and drink only good coffee you would never think about any “flavor”. For example I drink Javaberry now which taste is perfect and deep, it doesn’t need any additional flavors. I advise those who like flavored coffee to taste Javaberry or another coffee of good brand. Try to understand the real coffee taste.

  2. flavored coffee sucks!! they take all the old crusry beans, and mix them with the moldy ones, and floor sweepings, saturate them with nasty artficial flavers. then they sell it to yuppies for more money than they charge for the good stuff.

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