The Rule of the Lazy Class has an interesting article on Why the Puritan Work Ethic has No Place in IT.

The article echoes many of my personal sentiments that your administrators and developers need to be encouraged to work smarter, not harder, even to the point of having “free time.”

… You want an environment where sysadmins kick back and read IT magazines occasionally, because their run-of-the-mill administrative tasks (adding users, managing disk space, etc.) are all scripted and/or automated. They can then focus their energies on the unexpected and unavoidable issues that crop up from time-to-time.

Beyond handling the unexpected, through having this “free time” administrators will have the ability to identify areas in need of improvement. If your administrators are running around fixing stuff all the time your team has a problem! Not only will morale, and therefore retention suffer but your administrators will have no time for evaluating new opportunities.

The best teams celebrate those who sit back and let their computers do their work for them. You want to have a project team that considers repetitive development activities to be tasteless. Sometimes necessary, but generally frowned upon.

Check out the full article and think a bit about what your team could be doing if they weren’t fighting fires all the time.

Of course this is exactly why I am writing a book on Oracle Shell Scripting due out next year.

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One thought on “The Rule of the Lazy Class”

  1. Amen!

    Any administrator, (DBA or SYSADMIN) should be able to automate basic tasks and build an architecture where they are alerted to pending issues BEFORE they become a problem.

    Just like George Jetson, they come-in, press the button, and kick-back.

    I give my people one “grace” when there is a system or database problem. They do a post-mortem, quantify the conditions that precipitated the issue, and build an alert to notify them before it happens again.

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