Easy Linux Commands: Working Examples of Linux Command SyntaxI’m happy to announce that my book Easy Linux Commands: Working Examples of Linux Command Syntax can now be preordered from Rampant TechPress!

This book by Terry Clark and I is designed to serve as both a progressive how-to for getting comfortable with the Linux environment and as a reference for the most commonly used Linux commands and options. After presenting a little background information the books jumps right in to how to navigate the Linux file structure, manipulate files and directories, search for specific objects and get around in the vi text editor.

More advanced topics like shell scripting, using cron to schedule tasks and monitoring and administration tasks are also covered all with the focus on giving working examples of the Linux commands you will find useful. The command examples in this book can often be used with little or no modification saving considerable time and experimentation.

This book organized into logical task-based chapters making it easy to find the commands you need when you need them.

For a full table of contents and index check out the book’s page on Rampant TechPress. It’s available for preorder through Rampant and should be in book stores in just a couple months!

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