Oracle Chooses XServe RAID

Apple's Xserve RAIDIt looks like Oracle has decideded to adopt Apple’s XServe RAID as a low-cost storage solution

Based on our own experience with Apple technology, Xserve RAID is a great match for applications running Oracle.

With the appetite of one to two petabytes annually Oracle is of course looking to control costs and the SATA-based Xserve RAID combines value, capacity, performance and availability. The current top configuration offers 7000GB on dual RAID controllers with redundant power and cooling for a mere $12999. Sure that’s the price of a small car, but it works out to only $1.86/GB for some serous industry-level storage.

Thanks to Zach for sending this on to me.

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Chooses XServe RAID”

  1. Good point Don, and good article too!

    What I’m really wondering is how they are configuring them. Certainly the 8MB drive cache and 512MB controller cache will help, but what raid level and what are they attaching them to for machines?

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