Paper money magnetic?

So I read somewhere (perhaps MAKE) that the ink used to print paper money in the US contains iron and is therefore magnetic. Zach and I decided we had to try this at lunch and had this fun with a $2 bill and a stack of strong neodymium magnets:

It wasn’t strong enough to lift the bill but you can definitely see the magnet’s effect. It seems like only the ink around the outer part of the bill worked and this was with one of the newer US bills.

Try it yourself! It’s a great Friday afternoon distraction.

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4 thoughts on “Paper money magnetic?”

  1. Hi Jon,

    >> I decided we had to try this at lunch and had this fun with a $2 bill

    Ah, that’s what you DBA’s do!

    I buy $2 bills on eBay, for fun with kids who have never seen them. It’s amazing how many people will tell me that it’s a fake because “there’s no such thing as a two dollar bill”.

    Ah, I wish I was young again and knew everything. . .

  2. I’m a big fan of the $2 bill, but an even bigger fan of the $2 coin Canada has.

    The interesting thing about this $2 bill is it was minted in 2003! I didn’t think they still made them. You might be able to get them at a bank if they’re in circulation.

  3. Hey Everyone,
    It is not only the 2$ bill. It is all U.S. Currency. Tried and proven to myself. Try it!

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