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Oracle Shell Scripting by Jon EmmonsAs of today I have gone under contract with Rampant TechPress to write the book Oracle Shell Scripting: Linux and UNIX Programming for Oracle. This book explores shell scripting as a means to automate and improve the environment in which many of us run Oracle.

Shell scripting is necessary for automating a broad range of administration tasks on Oracle servers. Many Oracle administrators and developers lack a strong system administration background and therefore manually perform these tasks at the cost of time, money and sustainability.

This book will discuss how to automate many of the common Oracle administration tasks as well as the methods necessary to automate site-specific tasks. Special attention will be given to writing industry strength scripts which free the Oracle professional from daily maintenance tasks yet provide proper tracking and feedback to ensure the best possible operation.

While this will be quite a diversion from blogging (in more than one way) I am quite excited about publishing a longer work. I have always taken a quiet pride in my shell scripts as they chug away nightly backing up databases and monitoring the system. The opportunity to give such an essential topic a full treatment should be quite rewarding.

Having been a Solaris and Linux system administrator for quite some time and now beeing a full-time DBA I don’t know how I could survive without my army of shell scripts. Even more I remember how hard it was to learn shell scripting and UNIX in general. Now my hope is that I can lend some of my experience, and some pre-fab scripts to others.

Speaking of pre-fab scripts, the book will come with over 50 working shell scripts for a broad range of purposes. Read all about the book and even check out the table of contents at Rampant’s site.

Well, the book won’t hit shelves until May of next year, but you can expect to hear more about it from me as that date gets closer.

7 thoughts on “Oracle Shell Scripting/I become an author”

  1. Syed,

    It sounds like my book will be perfect for you when it comes out, but since it’s still a couple months away, here’s one way you could do it:

    sqlplus /nolog < < EOF connect / as sysdba select * from dba_users; EOF

    The redirecd (< <) sends the following llines up to the EOF marker into SQL*Plus. Of course this only works if the user who runs it has the privileges to connect without a password. Otherwise you could supply the username and password instead of the slash. Hope this helps.

  2. Tim,

    The book won’t be out for a few months yet. It should be hitting shelves around early summer. I’ll post more about it on my blog as the date gets closer. Glad to hear there’s interest out there!

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