Pug Bowling

Pug + Toy Bowling Pins + Hardwood Floor + Can of Pledge = Fun

Carla points out this great video of pug bowling. It starts off a bit slow; in fact you can skip the first 40 seconds.

Perhaps the funniest part is the end which explains that Samson (the pug in question) learned that if he knocks over all the pins he gets a treat. He now knocks them over as soon as they’re set up.

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7 thoughts on “Pug Bowling”

  1. we could so totally do this with emmy in zach’s living room. You bring the pins, I’ll bring the pledge 😉

  2. That is a great video! My boyfriend really want to get a pug when we finally decide to get a dog. And once we get the living room painted and the carpet removed, we can then Pug Bowl as well!

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