Life After Coffee On TV!

It seems that WGN-TV in Chicago did a video for Morning Sidekick’s parody song “My Cubicle” and even mentioned Life After Coffee on the air!

Unfortunately their site makes it nearly impossible to link directly to the video, but if you go to their morning news page you can find it in the Morning News Video section titled “Surfin’ the Net, My Cubicle Parody”.

The video is fairly boring, but somehow fits a song about how boring it is to work in cubicles. I’m not even sure the people in the video knew they were being shot.

Thanks to espressoshots (a reader) for commenting that this site made the news!

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6 thoughts on “Life After Coffee On TV!”

  1. Youre welcome! WGN morning news “Surfin The Web” segment found the “Cubible” song and played that song. That song was hilarious! I had to check out this website. Also, I spread the word to others to check out your site AND especially the “Cubicle” song.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. hey man i love the website… u dont no me but i think my cubicle is AWESOME!!! my mates and i sing it all the time!
    so funny
    do some more song take offs its so cool i have it on my playlist with the rest of my fave songs
    keep it up

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