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The group I work and socialize with frequently talk about how our blogs reflect our professional experience. Judging by this recent post from Rod Boothby we’re clearly not the only ones thinking about this:

Career 2.0 is probably going to be much the same as Career 1.0; except, now, the bar is higher. Running your own blog, and making a public name for yourself is part of achieving those new heights.

Rod refers to Career 2.0 while I’ve been referring to Resume 2.0, but the ideas are the same. Your blog (if you have one) is part of your professional image. If you write about important topics in your field, share your experience and resources, and perhaps a bit about your personality you will be more appealing to employers than those who just have a two page paper resume.

Think about it. If you haven’t been on a hiring committee, get on one. It’s a good experience. You’ll notice that everyone wants to know more about the candidates: What are their interests? How deep is their experience? How do they communicate? The more of these questions you can answer before the interview process the better.

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  1. When I applied for a job at Pythian (http://www.pythian.com), my blog definitely worked in my favour which was encouraging because Pythian seemed like the type of company I’d really want to work for if the circumstances are right. So I definitely think it can help people see the best side of you – if you don’t have pictures of cuddly toys in your blog 😉

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