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Cube FarmAt the request of a reader I have written up the lyrics (as best I can) to the cubicle song parody of James Blunt’s song “You’re Beautiful”.

Listen to the song (complements of

“My Cubicle”
Lyrics by: Morning Sidekick
Performed by: Jym Britton
Parody on “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt

My job is stupid my day’s a bore,
Inside this office from eight to four
Nothin’ ever happens my life is pretty bland,
Pretending that I’m working, pray I don’t get canned.

My Cubicle, My cubicle
It’s One of Sixty two
It’s my small space in a crowded place
Just a six-by-six foot booth
And I hate it that’s the truth

Well, I give a sigh as the boss walks by,
no one ever talks to me or looks me in the eye.
And I really should work but instead I just sit here and surf the Internet.

In My Cubicle, My cubicle
It doesn’t have a view.
It’s my small space in a crowded place
I sit in solitude.
And sometimes I sit here nude.

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  1. Nobody would have thought that there would be 100 comments on this parody back in dec. when it was created. Let alone on one site. If any of you need or would like to contact me about this or any other music related issue, It’s a disposable account that can be eliminated if it gets too nutty. I don’t know computers or sites or blogs very well but – it may help. Jon, if you’d rather not have this posted here, by all means delete it. Thanks for all of your interest and I’ll look forward to hearing from you all.

  2. Pretty funny – I never worked in a cube so I actually prefer “It’s Bloody Cold” when it comes to Blunt parody, but this is good too! I have linked this to a friend of mine who is a cube denizen and she loved it. Scans, too, which is more than most do.

  3. I just got a peak of this delightful parody via an email link. . . excellent!
    And here is a link for My Cubicle on video, hosted by YouTube, and submitted by sharralah

    YouTube – My Cubicle

    Description: my cubicle, a very funny and entertaining parody of james blunt’s hit song *You’re Beautiful.* video by Vic, song performed by Jym Britton, lyrics by Morning Sidekick and musical arrangement by Scott Bennett

    Thanks for the fun! xx Lady BatChic

  4. Thank You! Great sentiment.

    Did someone make sure that Scott Adams (DILBERT) got a copy of this? _heh_heh_

  5. When I give a sigh as the boss walks by,

    shouldn’t that be

    Well, I give a sigh as the boss walks by,

  6. Al,

    I have it on pretty good authority that this was written by Keith at Morning Sidekick Comedy. There has been quite a bit of speculation on this, but their site is the origin of the song so I’ll continue crediting them until there’s good evidence otherwise.

  7. Chuck? Who’s chuck? Who’s Al? Who’s humble and who’s not humble? I’m not catching on to this thread.


  9. im doing a stickman movie can i have the song player.the movie is about the story of the song

  10. This was actually played on Johnny Walker’s radio show this morning at about 7.50am it’s brilliant. Had me in hysterics as I was driving along nearly had to pull over

  11. very nice song…the person who wrote the lyrics is verrry creative…it really talks to me…that’t the way i feel at work……loaded…but when you hear the song you figure out that you are not alone 🙂

  12. heh.. funny how the song can be applied to all jobs in this world.. After working 9 to 5, with no one paying attention to what goes around and who is around, even if you don’t do your job, no one will notice.. great one..

  13. hey… really funny! and his voice is nice actually 🙂 .. it is a definition of ‘i hate my job’ . He should quit if it’s for real 🙂 liked the parody and looking forward to hear some more

  14. The song is nice and its lyrics are very funny and entertaining. I liked the humor in the song. The music is nice also and relaxing. Although I listen to classical arabic music and like oriental instruments, I think that the music is nice and the guitar player is fine.

  15. hiii..
    It’s really a nice and interesting song and it talks to me.It’s written in a great,funny and creative way. I liked it a lot. I will recommend it to my friends.

  16. this song reflects many people whose jobs are not satisfying enough. it is shouting out loud the truth about what people think about their jobs and how they behave at work. it’s a really cool idea to change the lyrics and personalize them so they reflect your life. i think that this song talks about the average worker who doesn’t have any motivation.

  17. ah, so true, so true. great job; if your job is really that bad, then you have a future in the music industry.

  18. More than 2 years and this song never fails to uplift my spirit. hehehe. Jon, thanks for the info on whom to credit this song.

  19. first time i heard this song i thought it was the original.
    suddenly i wondered why the lyrics sound different.

    nice vocals there, hehe.

    the song really have reached here in the philippines.

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