Non-Flamable Toy (Warning: Flamable)

This is the box to one of my favorite desk toys, the “Happy Drinking Bird”. These retro toys are available in some independent science stores or online through Edmund Scientific.

The drinking bird is the unofficial mascot of Life After Coffee (The Luwak is the official mascot) however its packaging seems just a little uncertain on the topic of flammability.

The image below has not been edited other than to add the red underline.

Drinking Bird Box

Given that they used to fill these with Freon the methelene chloride must be an improvement, regardless of flammability.

For more drinking and bobbing action check out Daniel Reynold’s giant drinking birds

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3 thoughts on “Non-Flamable Toy (Warning: Flamable)”

  1. The packaging is also a little uncertain about the bird’s gender which I find amusing. Okay, I find their efforts to add the “he/she” to the package the amusing part… 😉

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