Adventures In Appliance Repair

I have to say that I spent more hours than desired with my head in a freezer today. Worse yet, this is the second time I’ve had to defrost my previously frost-free refrigerator in the past month.

Conclusion: something’s not right in the defroster unit, but what? Since I’m no appliance repairman I was happy to find

The Acme How To Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide made for easy lookup of symptoms, possible causes, and how to test each part. To complete the picture I found the handy technical data sheet tacked behind the front grill on the fridge.

With that in hand and the faulty part identified I could look up the appropriate replacement part number. Another web search turned up Their site is easy to navigate and search. They have the part in stock and their price is about $10 below Sears, so I ordered it.

Results yet to be seen, but these two sites, and are definitely keepers.

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