Floods Threaten Ireland!

As New Hampshire (USA) dries out from some of the worst flooding we’ve ever seen in this area we look to the world to see how others handle these disasters.

In Ireland, proper evacuation procedures and flood “relief” are essential during a crisis

Flooding in Ireland

Thanks again to Dee for sending this on to me.
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11 thoughts on “Floods Threaten Ireland!”

  1. That is so weird why are they still drinking beer? Is beer like really popular? cool weird I say

  2. Sorry to disappoint you all but its not Ireland. this is an old hoax. its a wel known photo from a terlejournalist in Eastern Europe covering floods in that area.

  3. Yep NOT Ireland. The drinks they are drinking as well as how they are dressed and their complexion all gives it away. It’s also an outdoor bar, they don’t exist in Ireland.

    Some people from certain countries even today still try to ridicule Ireland by posting fake photos taken in other countries.

  4. That is Ireland! The guy with his back to the camera is my dad! The ‘bar’ is in Kildare at the smoking area at the back of the pub. The guy with the wine coulored top is from poland… Darius!
    They were on a break from fixing flood damage in the pub!
    The guy with the hat on at the back does not work with them he is just a Local having a nose!! The lad with the shot glass is Francey from county meath!

  5. This photo is not from Ireland! it’s from the Baltic during the same period
    note the Beer bottle and Brand, the clothing and
    and the various flag markings, maybe it is funny to
    some but these are poor farmers in the Baltic region! Believe
    nothing on the net

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